Lab Members

John Horne

Lab Director

My research focuses on distributions and dynamics of aquatic organisms in their enivironments, ranging from freshwater, through the near shore, to the open ocean over a latitudinal range spanning 72o N to 62o S. Current or recent research projects include examining spatial and temporal changes in pelagic communities in Alaskan waters; predator–prey interactions in the Columbia River plume; fish migrations in the Tonle Sap River, Cambodia; developing sampling techniques and analytic tools for environmental monitoring at Marine Renewable Energy sites; the use of artificial habitat by juvenile salmonids; and changes in predation risk to juvenile fish from Artificial Light At Night (ALAN).

Acoustic technologies are combined with direct sampling techniques to understand the spatial structure, temporal dynamics, and abundance of aquatic organisms in relation to each other and their environment. Projects range from the scale of an individual to that of a population. Knowledge gained from these efforts is used to inform and improve resource management and environmental monitoring practices.

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John Horne