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Model Animations

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KRM Model Animations

Our first collection of animations allow you to inspect the acoustic backscatter of individuals. Below are animations showing the backscatter from two different fish at 38 and 120 khz.

Namibian Pilchard Ambits
Pilchard 18 - 22cm
38 khz
120 khz
small .avi - 10.3mb
small .avi - 10.0mb
large .avi - 34.8mb
large .avi - 33.4mb
Pilchard 23 - 21cm
38 khz
120 kHz
small .avi - 2.4mb
small .avi - 2.3mb
large .avi - 2.9mb
large .avi - 8.0mb

The next step in visualizing acoustic backscatter and model data is moving from individuals to aggregations of fish, and from static scenes to time based animations. The following MPEG files represent our first steps towards this goal.

Schooling Capelin
Schooling Capelin

Moving forward from the schooling Capelin visualizations, we incorporated the concept of a transducer into the scene and changed the way we represent the fish's backscattered sound. This animation also incorporates crude camera direction for a more immersive feel.

Schooling Capelin
Schooling pollock in transducer beam
AVI - 59.3 mb
quicktime MOV - 40.8 mb

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